Although Keno is quite similar to the lottery, its games have been played online and live, making it one of the most celebrated fan-favorites in the world. This article highlights some of the most commonly asked questions about Keno, and their respective answers. Click here to learn more.

Should a player study odds in Keno?

It is completely unnecessary to study the odds in keno since there is not a lot of benefits that come with it. At worst, it will turn you off from playing the game. Since this game is completely luck-based, it requires neither a strategy nor decision-making.

Knowing the probabilities and odds will never harm you with any information that is implementable into your game with the aim of making a significant difference. Apart from the odds of certain numbers being the same, those of large jackpots tend to be astronomically high.


What do the black and red, or green and red games mean in keno?

Occasionally, online keno games offer a black and red game on top of the standard keno game. Depending on where an individual plays, the blackboard may occasionally be a green board. This simply offers another bet option where you can choose to wager on either of the colors.

Ideally, these are other sets of numbers which double the draw in a particular round. As you will realize, there are no significant benefits to playing both colors. At best, they allow you to wager twice as much to enable you to have the same chance of winning.

What is the main difference between video and live keno?

Although the basics of traditional casino keno are quite similar to those of a video online keno, there are slight differences to make the game more appealing to players. When playing video keno, an individual is often able to bet on much smaller denominations, with a much faster game-rate.

Upon making your selections and deciding on your desired bet size, you can make a draw straight away to see if you are a winner. You practically don't need to wait until the main game draws. The payouts in video keno are also slightly different from those of live keno.

What are the different kinds of keno bets available for players?

A keno player is free to choose how many numbers they'd wish to select from a draw and how much they wish to bet. There is a great variation in the bettig denominations from one game to another. These denominations are generally lower in online casino keno and video keno.

In essence, a player is expected to choose any four to ten numbers and gets paid according to the percentage of the numbers they hit and their initial bet amount. In online casino keno and video keno, the information is readily available in the paytable of the game.

How is keno played?

Playing keno is a walk in the park. When playing in a live casino, you will likely find various keno games on stand-alone video keno machines or video poker multi-game machines. For the main game, find a keno card in the keno lounge or at a location around the casino.

Select the amount you wish to wager and the number you wish to choose. You can then give your card to a keno runner or present it to the keno desk. Finally, pay the total wager amount then receive your ticket. You are now ready to proceed with the game.